The choice I made

Life has a funny way of changing the story you thought you were playing a role in. In the blink of an eye any one of us can have everything or we can lose everything. We don’t always have a choice in the roles we are playing but we do have power over the way […]

Harry’s Christmas Story

In my efforts to not forget my promise to write a story about one of our Christmases with Harry I wrote in the diary ‘write Christmas story’. I read it later and had to chuckle, ‘The’ Christmas story of course has already been written years previous and yet funnily enough Harry reminds me of that […]

Em Gives Us a Fright

Emily has Chromosome IQ 42.3 deletion. This was her official diagnosis soon after she was born. The prognosis was that she was unlikely to live to twelve, but here she is, the hub of the family, at fifteen. Apart from when she went into hospital for a spinal operation in 2011 she has been fine. […]